Saturday, 9 June 2012

22 June late night Summer Solstice Berlin COMPASS cabaret

late night Summer Solstice Berlin COMPASS cabaret hosted by LOKI hosted by SANDRA SARALA** with DANIELA GAST** GUIGNOL** HANS KELLETT** VOLCANICK** WASP SUMMER** along with Mystery Guests

the penultimate edition of the Berlin series
celebrating the sun in the North
with all the plenty of the rituals of eastern-central European summer... scaring away the spring, water, fire, flower wreaths and fake weddings, kissing games, singing, drinking, laughter, happiness and love...

with stunning music from:
alt-country queen WASP SUMMER &
punk-blues-chansons maestro GUIGNOL (Pier Adduce, solo, on special import from Milan)

video installation performance art from:

the delightful HANS KELLETT, singer of the band Princessin Hans, will be massaging stories out of his old suitcase gramophone

VOLCANICK is going to shake, shimmy and gyrate

while your host SANDRA SARALA, possessed by the trickster LOKI, shapeshifts his-her-its way through the shortest night, when the veils between space and time flex and change and mutating forms of Slavic and Germanic song and word break free

The first act of communal Bread Breaking can and will happen any time from 23:00

following the second UEFA EURO 2012 quarter final (Kick-off 20:45)

which is showing - as our warm-up act - on the big screen with live commentary from Club der polnischen Versager's very own ADAM GUSOWSKI and PIOTR MORDEL

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